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  • DARWIN PRIVATE ESCORT - Sensual Retreat
  • DARWIN PRIVATE ESCORT - Sensual Retreat

  • Information for your State


    I am based in Rapid Creek and am available for outcalls in Local Darwin regions.


    I am a local girl in Darwin. I am happy to provide you with discreet adult fun and private companionship.


    Due to the NT laws I can offer you an 'outcall' service only.


    I offer a standard, basic, regular (but pleasant, sexy and fun) time together to an upmarket, discerning and 'discreet' guy. Neat and casual is usually the attire. Its all about being comfortable


    I do not generally discuss service details nor send out extra photos over the phone or via email. (For discretion purposes).


    If you wish to make an appointment with me, please allow a minimum of one hours notice getting ready time and two if I'm out and about.


    If you wish to meet me first before you decide to go ahead with a booking, I am happy for you to meet me at mine, yours or a cafe for an introductory coffee and take it from there.


    When you have decided that you wish to go ahead with a booking with me, please have your money ready for me in an envelope and place discreetly on the coffee table, bedside table, kitchen bench or on top of the refrigerator etc 

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  • About Me

  • I'm a good girl with a naughty streak. I'm a local Darwin girl and get bored easily so I need to be constantly mentally stimulated. I have an abstract and colourful mind and on a whole I don't need too much activity to keep me satisfied and happy. In my spare time I like to redecorate and I like to meditate too.


    I am a single woman which means we can enjoy our exclusive time we can spend together more throughly.


    On the surface I am a little bit prim and proper, which is why I like speaking to 'discreet' clients, but under the veil I have become more inquisitive over my years. I am sensual and every meeting is a little bit different in it's subtleties

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  • DARWIN PRIVATE ESCORT - Sensual Retreat
  • Price List


    $400 for two hours companion escort



    My Recommended Rates are:

    30 Minutes Deluxe Massage $150

    Most Popular: 20 Minutes (escort booking) $150

    30 Minutes $200

    Preferred: 1 Hour $300

    2 Hours $450

     Overnight $1200


  • DARWIN PRIVATE ESCORT - Sensual Retreat
  • Services Available

  • Erotically I am most in likeness of a girlfriend experience. I am open to ideas of exploration, but like a guy who respects my limitations first, which is where my 'basic service' comes into play. Exploration I might be interested in might include role play, sensations such as spanking (giving and receiving) and candle wax etc. Please know that I don't go into service details over the phone. I am happy to meet you for coffee at my place, your place or at a cafe, but even then, I do that more to see if we enjoy each other's company over discussing booking details. I recommend a standard booking first as we are just getting to know each other, and if we wish to see each other again in the future, we can consider playing around a little more with a premium style booking. Please remember to have your extra cash ready for me if we find ourselves doing something a little bit kinkier. (a sweetner)


    I have a special on at the moment, where if we make it to our fifth appointment (which sometimes happens) the fifth appointment will be on me.


    I'm so used to offering one time appointments only I thought it would be a nice change to see a client regulary. I will let you know though how I'm traveling...


    Discretion is one main key for repeat visits. Also a generous willingness to help cover my expenses goes a long way also. Obviously we need to click together too. I am a little shy meeting new people and offer a discreet girlfriend type experience and maybe if we like each other we can get a little kinkier in our upcoming visits. Please know that I always like to play safe and also that I'm happy to see previous clients again (as I only saw one time appointments for about a year).



    If you would like to make a booking with me, please consider being discreet like a married man; or somebody with a high profile job would be.


    Looking forward to meeting you if you decide to go ahead with an appointment 

  • DARWIN PRIVATE ESCORT - Sensual Retreat
  • When can we play?

  • *EMAIL* me here


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    Please Note: We do NOT store or collect any information re your emails. The email goes direct to the escort in question and only that person sees it.

    I'm usually a day time girl but sometimes I am available for an evening appointment. I require at least one hours notice or two if I'm out and about. I am generally available any time I am awake, fresh and feeling vibrant. Sometimes I have a day or night off and at the moment as I am renovating my shower (practical as well as a hobbiest) I will likely need a couple of hours notice getting ready for you at this time.


    Sometimes I am available on that day and other times I am not. I will be happy to let you know how I am travelling and if we can organise a time to meet on that day. Please note that if I don't return your enquiry, that I might not be available at that time. Sometimes I don't recieve my voicemails. Sometimes, if I don't answer your call I am busy doing a meditation retreat, lost in a good book and don't hear my phone beeping, other times I have updated my phone number and become non-contactable; but keep trying and I will hopefully sync in with a time with you to meet you for a fun and sexy-time booking. Most local guys in Darwin are familiar with my adds as well as my style, so thankyou for your patience. Bye for now and hope to see you soon ;)



    Phone: 0432 796 764

    Email: beaniedelicious@gmail.com

  • DARWIN PRIVATE ESCORT - Sensual Retreat

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