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    • 24
    • 34DD-24-34
    • Blonde
    • 5'11
    • DD Cup
    • Sparkling Eyes
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  • So hot and fun to play with highly recommended it i definitely will be doing it again.


    R, January




    I would like to say a big Thank you to Stephanie! I had never had a call girl but Steph made it so easy and was ver reassuring. Steph was personable and a great conversationalist. I have to say for any first timers Stef is perfect. Steph is absolutely gorgeous and definitely a 10/10! I would even go 11-12/10. Lolz. Please guys don't hesitate to give Stephanie a call or a txt she is extra discrete and very tidy and clean. 1 of a kind guys honestly! :) Thanks Steph


    J, February





    Stephanie Hall is a tall, sexy, glamorous, feminine and sensual woman. She is extremely easy to talk to you, has a radiant energy and possesses a rare gift of putting people at ease. Stephanie loves to kiss passionately, and the sex is deep, erotic and tender. Thanks Stephanie.


    J. September




    I had seen Stephanie's profile on Privategirls but did not get to see her until recently. (my mistake!) Stephanie is easily the best lady I have met. She is a delight, so easy going and more beautiful than her pictures suggest. I will be seeing her again very soon.


    G, July






    I've had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie a couple of times she's visited Perth and in short, she is one amazing woman!


    After a brief exchange via text on my second visit, she booked me in for an hour. I'm generally a nervous fella when meeting people for the first time, but I think I was even MORE nervous going to see her the second time around!


    I rang the bell to her room and I was greeted by a gorgeous woman with beautiful smile in a figure-hugging red dress with, what I spied, was red lingerie underneath.

    I. Absolutely. Love. Red.

    It was like she read my mind!!


    A quick kiss to say hello and we were chatting like friends reminiscing on old times. She even commented on my jacket which she remembered I wore the first time I saw her. Our conversation was so natural and Stephanie is so warm, inviting and sincere in her demeanour.


    It didn't take us long to make our way to the bedroom where we somehow found our clothes on the floor in a jiffy :P


    I'm not a man to kiss and tell or give too much way lest I spoil your imaginations, but I can say a few things to get you started.


    I can confidently say that her pictures are 100% authentic. Or better yet, definitely do not do her justice. Very cliché, but so true! When she says that her body is pert, perfectly toned and sexily muscled, Stephanie is definitely not exaggerating! It was hypnotising seeing her in all her glory.


    Second to that, she gives the most amazing oral. The best I've ever gotten, from all of my experiences. Seriously.


    As much as I'd love to keep her all to myself, I would not being doing anyone justice by keeping this breathtaking gem of a woman a secret. Do yourself a favour and go see her. You will not be disappointed. She gives a true GFE where she conducts herself so gracefully and yet hints at a hidden wild side that you'll want to explore. When you do, she will leave you in desire and awe.


    It was sad that our time together had zipped by so quickly, but I know for sure that I will be seeing her again when she's back in town :)



    Oliver, May





    This lady is intoxicating! Insanely beautiful, a rockstar in the sack. Wow!







    I have met and played with many beautiful young ladies from PG over the years, but I was dumbstruck when I walked through the door of Stephanie's hotel room in Adelaide. In heels she was actually taller than my own 6ft1 in height. But it was not her astonishing gorgeous stature that had me excited. She is model material. Gorgeous, beautiful and erotic all wrapped into one package. 


    Shoes off, we were suddenly almost eye to eye. She moved towards me and kissed me fully, her tongue quickly finding mine. Stephanie kisses so passionately. In her own words she delights in the excitement of sex with a stranger. It's the erotic, passionate explosion of exploring someone else you have just met. Suddenly clothes were disappearing. There she stood in hot black lingerie and suspenders. I turned her and she bent over the bench, I dropped to my knees and began to lick her from front to back through her now soaked G-string. He moans grew loader and I stood to cup her body in my hands and kiss her back and neck. Her bra removed to release what I can only dirtily describe as one of the best racks I've ever seen. Her breasts are perfect. Enhanced yes, but beautiful, tight, firm yet soft. I kissed and licked her breasts from side to side, her breathing growing heavy as she delighted in the soft touch. Her hands wandering and caressing my now enormous cock through my jeans. Her hand unzipped me and she was grasping and rubbing me. Then I am standing before her, she has dragged me from the last of my clothes and is inhaling my cock down her throat. The sounds and sight makes me harder. 


    Stephanie enjoys oral. She gets herself excited and turned on by her own actions. She sucked me and licked my balls like there was no tomorrow. Then it was my turn and she leaned back on the lounge spreading her long luscious legs. I dined on her sweet tasting pussy until she was drenched in juice, her vocals moaning again and again. 


    We moved from the lounge to the bedroom where we enveloped ourselves in a long luxurious 69. My mind was buzzing between the pleasure of her sucking and licking my cock and balls, and the taste and feel of her beautiful smooth pussy. After time, it was time for the main event. She was slowly able to lower herself onto me, filling her up. She began to ride me slowly at first then picking up speed until she was fucking me like a demon. Then her breathing and moans reached fever pitch as she rocketed to her first orgasm. Her body shaking and pulsing. Collapsing onto me her lips locked with mine. But we weren't finished. We moved to doggie where she took great delight in watching herself in the mirror pushing back and forth on my cock. This is a woman who delights in all things carnal. Her moans matching each thrust. We moved to missionary with her long legs draped around my shoulders as I slid slowly in and out of her. 


    Our lovemaking continued, Stephanie urging me to fuck her harder and faster. We moved back out to the lounge and opened the balcony door to let the cool breeze over our sweating bodies. A stool was acquired and she went standing reverse cowgirl and doggie using the stool and our own shared height to our advantage. And then it was time. Firstly seated on the lounge she worked me to a frenzy. I stood and she pushed her glorious breasts together to receive my load. She delighted in watching me work my release all over her. We collapsed on the lounge in each other arms.


    A quick clean up and we were back together in each others arms, caressing and lightly kissing. We chatted about life and work and all things erotic. Stephanie is a wonderful woman. Warm, beautiful and engaging. She obviously enjoys the company on men. But you must be one that knows what your doing to get the full Stephanie experience. Treated the right way, Stephanie will reciprocate with explosive erotic love making. Then it was time to go. Our late night rendezvous at an end. A deep passionate parting kiss and I was gone into the night. Some sexy funny txt messaging passed between us until we both were in our respective beds for sleep. A beautiful woman worth seeing. I will definitely take on the Stephanie experience again.


    Anon March




    This girl is hot!


    I don't usually go for girls quite as tall as Stephanie - 180 cm - but I'm immensely glad I made an exception this time.


    Stephanie is one of the loveliest people you are likely to meet, with a warm, kind, friendly face, good conversation, and a really beautiful smile that lights up her whole visage. The instant I set eyes on her, I knew I was in for a treat ... and it certainly was!


    When I first met Stephanie, she was wearing only a bright smile and skimpy lingerie that left very little to the imagination. She was a picture, from her cascading dark-blonde tresses, all the way down her statuesque figure, to her long, shapely legs. But don't let me forget her exquisitely shapely breasts, which promised a heavenly experience.


    I soon had Stephanie out of what little she was wearing and I wasn't disappointed in any respect. She looks even better than her photos, and kisses as if her life depended on it - if you ever need CPR, she's the one to perform it, although I suspect it might be meeting her that causes your heart attack in the first place! And her oral is electrifying ... she says she's done it once or twice before ;-). Stephanie's breasts are her crowning glory - they have just the perfect fullness, size (generous DD-cup), and firm texture. You won't believe they could be possible until you have them in your hands and mouth, or draped all over you!


    Stephanie was soon writhing with pleasure when I went down on her. And then was on to the main course, in multiple positions limited only by imagination and punctuated with the hottest kissing. She had a couple of desperate-sounding orgasms before I joined her, exhausted and happy. I can see now why she has so many great reviews - I just want to add my voice to the chorus. She's a must-see!


    P, February




    Hi all,


    I had the absolute pleasure of spending a couple of incredible hours with the stunning Steph Hall when she was down in Adelaide this month.


    What a time it was!!


    She is just the most beautiful, natural young woman you could ever hope to meet. She is so tall, perfectly proportioned in every way and kissing her puts you into some sort of hypnotic trance.


    She provides the 100% girlfriend experience, (she really makes you feel that she’s your girlfriend) without the need to get into the fake porn star mode that a lot of the girls feel they need to perform.


    That body and face, OMG, her photos really don’t do her justice.


    I don’t really want to recommend her to anyone, (keep away you guys!) as I would love to have her all to myself if I could afford it, but do yourself a favour.


    Can’t wait to see her again.


    Thanks Steph.


    John, December



    Every now and then, a little voice in a little head takes a punt based on gut feel and it pays off. Whilst by no means the norm, this punt paid in spades...

    I gave up blow by blow reviews a long time ago. I gave up posting in general because of you know who. But after this encounter I just had to pull out my little soap box from under the bed and sing the praises of a lady who has well and truly turned over a new leaf and embraces her work with gusto and passion.


    She' tall, she's slim, she has a beautiful set of newly enhanced puppies that make you go mmmmmmmm... With a mouth of silk and a throat made for gliding, Stephanie knows how to make your eyes roll back and think of England.


    Stephanie's passion pouch is as much beautiful as it is delicious. Like your favourite lollipop that you could lick and savour all day. The sex was great and with 2 shots away in less than an hour I was left with a smile from ear to ear. Stephanie finished off with a sensual and firm massage which had me floating on a cloud in heaven...


    Treat her well and I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised at how far your dollars will travel.


    Highly recommended GFE for discerning gents...


    AE, February




    Stephanie Hall – A class above the rest – 


    I met Stephanie for the first time in August and have been very fortunate to see her every time she came to Perth which is roughly about once a month. I have now seen Stephanie 4 times and always look forward to seeing her again. It gives me something to look forward to every month.


    I wrote a review on Stephanie back in August and am compelled to write another one to share a wonderful time i always have with her.


    For my last visit to see Stephanie, I requested that she meets me stark naked at the door and.....she obliged. She simply took my breath away when she met me starkers at the door with a big smile on her face.


    That a way to be greeted by a very sexy tall beautiful lady with a knock out body. Her cunt is fully shaven and it looks just like a freshly washed peach, two pouting cunt lips with a perfect cut in the middle.


    I just had to kiss her passionately (she does DFK so passionately), suck her lovely fully erect nipples and then kneel down to suck that delicious cunt and smear my face with her cunt juices. She then kneeled in front of me while i fucked her in the mouth as though there is no tomorrow.


    All this in front of a full length mirror by the front door within seconds of being greeted by her. A full length mirror could not have been more strategically placed there.


    I have seen other girls too but with all due respect to the others I’m sorry to say this but Stephanie is definitely a class above the rest. It’s pure class all the way from the luxurious apartment (some girls work from pokey little hotel rooms which is a real turn off) to her fabulous body, delicious cunt, arse to die for, perfect natural tits and a beautiful face and sexy voice all in one.Her skin is absolutely flawless too.


    Stephanie gives you an instant GFE as soon as you meet her and loves her work. She is meticulously clean and you simply have to go back to her cunt for multiple DATYs. She loves sucking my cock and can also deep throat as well. It is a real turn on to see Stephanie watching herself sucking my cock, getting fucked or fucking me in front of the mirrors.


    I can also tell that she truly enjoys watching herself in front of the mirrors with a big smile on her face. She can be a naughty girl too and i just love watching her getting fucked either in the cunt (doggie style) or mouth (kneeling in front of me) in front of the mirror.


    There is a certain elegance, the way she walks and talks, (she can talk dirty very well too), Stephanie has the “X” Factor. I just love the time we have together and 2 hours seem to go so quickly. Stephanie is very obliging and is more than willing to comply with your wishes (believe you me i have made so many naughty requests and she always fulfilled them without any hesitation).


    No wonder i keep wanting to see her again and again. I guess because i am now her regular boyfriend in Perth, i am deeply honoured that Stephanie texts me as soon as she knows when she is touring Perth and has always seen me on the day and time i requested. How could i ever refuse to see her!


    It’s not just the sex, as i am not a young buck who can fuck non stop for 2 hours. I also enjoy the intimacy, the affections, the cuddles and the simple to erotic conversations we have. Truly a complete package!


    Thanks again Stephanie and i fondly look forward to seeing you again when you are next in Perth in December.

    All my love as always

    The Very Naughty one xxx






    Dear Sir/Madam


    I had a pleasure of meeting Stephanie yesterday and i am so glad that i booked her for 2 hours b4 i had to rush off for an business meeting. Stephanie is a very beautiful tall yet very graceful and an elegant lady. Pure class! She is very friendly and i feel as though i have known her for ages because i don’t remember there being a gap during our conversations except when we were both moaning and panting with pleasure we give each other. I feel very much at ease with Stephanie and was allowed to be myself and say anything i wanted without offending her.


    Stephanie being tall made her so much more sexier especially as she also possesses a knock out figure, smooth skin, alluring smile, a beautiful face and so so graceful in everything she says and does. She has perfect natural tits with lovely nipples. When she sucks my cock BBBJ, it was done in such a graceful manner yet very sexy at the same time when you hear the loud slurpy sounds of her mouth. I couldn’t get enough of her cunt and i find myself burying my tongue deep inside her again and again and enjoying her cunt juices in between fucks. We fucked in so many different positions and every time i pull my cock out of her cunt, i just had to suck it. She is so clean which makes her cunt even more delicious. She is also such a passionate kisser.


    As graceful and elegant as Stephanie is, she is still also able to give you a PSE. She can also talk dirty and hearing her say “oh it feels so good fucking your face with my cunt, oooh aaaah” is like hearing music in your ears when she was sitting on my face pouring her sweet cunt juices into my mouth. I can’t remember doing a better 69 as its always a little tricky doing that with a tall girl but Stephanie gave me a 69 to remember.


    It was a pleasure when she told later that she came while she was on top fucking me cow girl fashion.


    During the 2 hour session of pure ecstasy, we would simply cuddle up in each other arms during the breaks and talk about anything and everything. Stephanie provides a true GFE which makes her so desirable and also makes her head jobs and sucking and fucking her beautiful cunt even more pleasurable. My only regret is that she won’t let me fuck her arse even though she has an arse to die for especially when she is in a doggie position. But i am not complaining since i am allowed to eat her arse as much as i want and fantasise that i am fucking her arse when she is in a doggie position. Plus she comes back to Perth every 5 – 6 weeks so i will always have something to look forward to. Something to live for in our rushed lifestyle.


    Thanks for the wonderful time Stephanie and i can’t wait to see you again.


    Love and hugs 

    Peter from Perth


    xxxx August



    Stephanie Hall Afternoon Delight


    Stephanie is a statuesque, Amazonian type with a very beautiful, lean body that she carries with grace and ease. Her confident, charmed manner makes you feel immediately at ease, relaxed and in a beautiful dream-like state until you leave. The length and shape of her and her delightful, smiling eyes, stay with me..


    Very touchy and feely, she enjoys DFK and a sensual approach to pleasure. She is giving, warm and ecstatically erotic, with a very attractive face that complements her girl-next-door sexy charm. Her long copper-tinged hair falls about her beautifully in a way that is very womanly and so, so seductive. When I was with her I felt the centre of her attention, she was totally with me for the hour, start to finish. I felt that us, together, and the intimacy and chemistry between us was the meaning of our worlds for the hour we had together.


    She is so easy-going and calm, but it didn’t take us more than 5 minutes to start ripping our clothes off and start exploring each others’ bodies. I indulged in stroking her, up and down those unbelievably long legs and beyond, running my fingers along her extraordinary delicate, silky skin. Beautiful face, generous soft breasts and a charm and maturity well beyond her years. I felt like I could talk to her about anything, and do anything I wanted. She is the perfect combination of delicate, elegant and cheeky. I felt totally uninhibited.


    Stephanie can deliver GFE on a silver platter. She was passionate, gave excellent oral and has perfected her bedside manner to make everything seem seamless and natural. I felt we were on a journey through More and More – more kissing, more touching, more pleasure, more rubbing, more oral, more sucking, just more and more and more. I wasn't quite sure how it started, or where it was leading, but we were always in flow. It was an amazing experience of succulent satisfaction with Stephanie.


    When we were having sex, I felt like Stephanie had some sort of instinct about how to delight me. She went hard, then backed off – bringing me to the edge and back again. With most women, it doesn’t take me too long to cum once things swing into action. With Stephanie, however, it was different. It was absolutely delicious and indulgent, lasting no shorter than 20 glorious minutes, each second of which will stay with me. The way she pressed into me was unique, erotic and ecstatically orgasmic at the end.


    After we untangled, we kissed, drank wine and talked about everything: travel, lifestyle, passions. Stephanie’s lovely relaxed demeanour made it very hard to leave her deep and passionate kisses.. but I did not feel short-changed when I did. It was perfect and complete. And left me hungry for more.





    I met Stephanie last year in Sydney after some chat by email that she was supposed to come in the evening after I finished my business; she arrived on time and really surprised me how tall she was in her heels; putting in mind I was 1.79 cm she had to bend her neck to give me the first warm deep French kiss at the door; pretty exiting thing to start with; after sorting the money out and had few sips of white wine we moved to action.


    I asked her to sit on my lap at the side of the bed so I could have my time eating her boobs; such naturally firm breasts you would never believe; then more French kissing in bed down to her lovely pussy; long licking while she was moaning I had to move forward and ask her for a condom as I was really so excited to wait more; as expected it did not take long from me to finish in her very warm pussy while sucking her tongue; I apologised to her promising her with more fun to come; she laughed and had more her of glass as it was not a surprise to her to excite a man that much :)


    Going to the second round I asked her to sit on my face to have her pussy licked under her control with a request to make me wet as much as possible by rubbing her cunt on my face; Stephanie was so happy to do that; with long action she had a strong orgasm squeezing lots of her sweet and warm juice in my mouth; moved to cowgirl it did not take long till she collapsed on me with her crazy tongue looking for mine while her butt was still shivering and her pussy still contracting on my very erected dick; I held her soft and lovely but and gave her fast fucking made her moan like a very horny cat; I finished in that position enjoying the touch to her silky skin all over her back and thighs.


    More wine through the second hour I gave her again more oral which made her asking me to lie down and relax to show me her amazing skilled mouth and hand to suck my dick to the point I had to warn her not to cum in her mouth as I knew she would not like that; I moved on to missionary rolling her in bed in all position for a very long fuck; finally Stephanie was looking for her vibrating ball like crazy that I had to hand her bag to her while still fucking her pussy; she started the ball pushing it between by dick and her clitoris and pulled my neck with her left hand to direct my tongue to a particular point on the left side of her neck finishing her very strong and shivery orgasm in that position while her hot fast breath burning my neck.


    Well; nice to feel as a great fucker but I had to finish while he pussy was still very wet and hot; I pushed her knees down to straighten her legs; caught her thighs between mine to ensure her squeezing on my dick, asked her to put her tongue out so I could suck it and finished in her pussy rubbing and squeezing her soft thighs between mine.


    It was pretty hard to watch her in the bathroom's mirror putting on before leaving;with very nice memory even after more than a year; very hard to forget you sweetie.


    Ricki September




    I have for some time wanted to see Stephanie Hall and was very pleased to see she was visiting Adelaide. So a few days ago I arranged to meet with her. I did a search to see if there were any recent reviews of this young lady but it seems nobody had written a review for some time. I wasn’t sure what exactly that meant but I figured I really wanted to meet up with Stephanie.


    I made an appointment and while Stephanie was only here for a very short visit, we managed to find a time for me to see her. Well the time arrived and I went to the agreed location. There ended up being a small delay due to a problem with access to the apartment where she was staying. No big deal and it wasn’t long before I stood at the door and nervously knocking. (My knees not the door!!)


    I had read many of the older reviews of Steph and was excitedly looking forward to seeing her. Well I have to say she did not disappoint at all. She is a really lovely lovely girl. Steph is very tall and attractive, has a very nice figure and a wonderful personality. She is nice to be with and provides a very passionate and unrushed service. Her kissing is awesome. She is confident and nice to talk with too. My booking was only for one hour but the time was very well spent and I would definitely see her again.


    If you've never had the opportunity to see Stephanie Hall, make sure you do, you wont be dissapointed. 


    Review from nobwob 13 November FIA




    I have for some time wanted to see Stephanie Hall and was very pleased to see she was visiting Adelaide. So a few days ago I arranged to meet with her. I did a search to see if there were any recent reviews of this young lady but it seems nobody had written a review for some time. I wasn’t sure what exactly that meant but I figured I really wanted to meet up with Stephanie.


    I made an appointment and while Stephanie was only here for a very short visit, we managed to find a time for me to see her. Well the time arrived and I went to the agreed location. There ended up being a small delay due to a problem with access to the apartment where she was staying. No big deal and it wasn’t long before I stood at the door and nervously knocking. (My knees not the door!!)


    I had read many of the older reviews of Steph and was excitedly looking forward to seeing her. Well I have to say she did not disappoint at all. She is a really lovely lovely girl. Steph is very tall and attractive, has a very nice figure and a wonderful personality. She is nice to be with and provides a very passionate and unrushed service. Her kissing is awesome. She is confident and nice to talk with too. My booking was only for one hour but the time was very well spent and I would definitely see her again.


    If you've never had the opportunity to see Stephanie Hall, make sure you do, you wont be dissapointed.


    Review from nobwob 13 November FIA




    I had the wonderful good fortune to meet this beautiful young woman on her recent visit to Melbourne.

    Very sexy, beautiful face, breasts, legs...a stunner. A charming young girl with a wisdom beyond her years. Provides a true, uninhibited gfe. I am looking forward to her next visit.


    JBC47 October



    I saw Stephanie a few weeks ago in Syndey. I was a truly wonderful experience. She is a sexy and sweet girl. A true GFE service and no inhibition. It is a shame that I don't live in Sydney otherwise I would see her a lot more often. 


    Calvin June




    Stephanie Hall came to Melbourne this week. It’s not often the interstate stunners catch my attention but this one did (might have had something to do with MadMicks' review) - and to think, I nearly missed out on seeing her!


    I had hoped to see her on the Wednesday afternoon but circumstances had conspired against us. After the exchange of a few text messages and emails later in the day I was keener than ever to meet her. It might have had something to do with one of her cheeky emails: "Hey, there is a 23 year old girl dying to wrap her legs around you and drawer you deeper into her.” (Naughty girl!)


    I learnt that she was due to fly out the next day so if anything was going to happen we had better get organised. We agreed a chat on the phone might be more expedient. When we spoke I found a vibrancy, genuineness and confidence in her voice: not to mention warmth and good humor. Nevertheless it was still difficult to get together; but then..

    “Fancy an early start?” She suggested.

    And so we each committed ourselves to our earliest booking ever: Eight in the morning. 

    Crazy I know, but actually it added fun and excitement to the occasion before we even met.


    Stephanie Hall is a tall girl – excitingly so. Legs that continue for ever. But her personality is not affected by this beautiful feature. Despite the sophisticated elegance that her height and figure give her, Stephanie Hall remains a girl: You know, like a girl that is great fun to hang out with? Warm, unpretentious and funny.


    I took her into my arms. I’m a little taller than average too, so I guess we were a good height for each other. There was no delay in the kissing: deep and passionate from the outset. There was even less delay in removing our clothes. How good is the feeling of a woman’s fingers slipping between the buttons of your shirt?


    I removed her black lingerie as we stood in front of a full length mirror so I could admire her back whilst looking at her front in the reflection: double your fun. Why don’t more people talk about backs? I love a woman’s back! Especially Stephanie’s; with her long dark copper-tinged hair tumbling down and the curve of her spine above her arse: incredibly beautiful.


    There is nothing misleading about the pictures on her website. What you see is definitely what you get. I kissed up the back of her legs, over her arse and exquisite back as she stood, hands splayed against the wall mirror. 

    My morning delight.

    This was one “breakfast meeting” that was definitely worth getting up for.

    I lifted her hair to kiss the back of her neck. She turned to kiss me.


    “Do you like visuals?” I asked her.

    “I do actually.”


    I pulled a chair over and positioned it so she could sit on it as I knelt before her. 

    Her vision was herself in the mirror, seated with a man on his knees going down on her.

    My vision was.....

    Let’s just say I think we were both happy with what we had to look at.

    At least, the time spent doing this would certainly suggest so.


    Still kneeling, I kissed up her silky skinned body, over her flat and perfect stomach to her delectable breasts. Stephanie Hall is classically and naturally in proportion. Her breasts are unenhanced. I hope she always leaves them that way, for they are beautiful just as they are.


    We moved to the bed. Deep and sensual kisses. Mutual nipple play. DATY from every position.


    Then I lay back as she went down on me deeply. Of course, the sensation of a woman taking you this way is brilliant; but when she is also blessed with these looks it kind of takes it to the next level.


    Stephanie moves with ease and confidence. She shares. There never seemed to be guardedness or restriction in her body. What you might call the great GFE reward.


    There was an unforgettable moment where she just stopped to tie her hair back. She sat astride me. Her eyes never left mine as she was doing this. She had this beautiful cheeky smile; it was like a knowing look. Like she was saying – isn’t this fun? 

    (Yes it is Stephanie my dear, yes it is… Now give me some more of those incredible kisses). 

    She did. Then it was back to consuming each other.


    We agreed that all this mutual oral sex was very satisfying but perhaps a cup of warm water and a glass of ice water might bring a little extra spice to the proceedings. So off we went to the kitchen to get the gear. Never mind your expensive sex-toys; it’s marvelous what the imaginative couple can do with everyday objects found around the house. (I should write a book on that. Stephanie can help me do the research if she wants).

    Back to the bed. Grab a towel on the way for the spillage.

    Now darling, my turn on you first. 

    “Oh My God!” she said as the sensations of body kissing and oral sex changed from heat to ice and from ice to heat. Just as well we brought that towel to the bed.

    “Oh My God!” I said as she went down on me again and put the whole fire and ice treatment into play on me.


    And, “Oh My God” I murmured to myself as I took in the incredible image of her flawless glistening-wet body move.


    One of the most exciting things Stephanie Hall said to me is that later today or tomorrow, at the most unexpected moment, the memory and the images of this event will flash into her mind. 

    “I know what you mean!” I laughed.


    And indeed I do know what she means. In a meeting, driving in traffic and suddenly one’s mind is filled with the imagery of what you were doing: a flash of a beautiful body moving over you or beneath you.


    We finished off in missionary. Stephanie had earlier said to me, “There is a 23 year old girl dying to wrap her legs around you and drawer you deeper into her”, and what she said became true


    There was still time enough to relax and chat afterwards. To learn a little more about each other. Stephanie and I primarily met for one aspect of her service but during our conversations she certainly demonstrated the conversational skills and intelligence that would suggest Stephanie would be a most elegant partner for other functions.


    Like Stephanie said, “images of the event come back to us” This review covers but a few of those images. I hope they stay with me for a long time yet. Each one is a warm and happy memory as it comes back to mind.


    Each one, produced by a beautiful 23 year old woman fulfilling her promises


    Princely on the April




    Those Seinfeld aficionados may remember an episode where George wants to sleep with a really tall woman. Like George I was fantasising to do just since my last Melbourne trip and have come across a profile of Stefanie Hall on Australian Escorts.

    The booking was handled extremely professionally with SMSing at every step. A nice hotel room was organised conveniently just two blocks away from my office.


    My initial impressions of Stefanie were that she was really young. You know how frequently when you see the adverts 22 year olds, the lady’ actual age is probably late 20s that would actually suit me perfectly. So when the door opened and I saw very tall, beautiful young girl with a beaming smile with no or very little make up I was originally concerned that she may lack an experience when it comes to serious love making. I would also never guess should I have met her elsewhere that she is a member of the world’s oldest profession. However my fears were dispelled with the first embrace and a an innocent kiss that quickly grew into slow sensuous passionate kissing... and I was stoked.


    Her pictures are 100% hers. She is a very tall girl that looks extremely sexy with high heels on (my dream). Soft copper or dark-red hair creates a great contrast to her beautiful green/blue eyes and that beaming smile just steals your heart! She is gym toned and yet she does not have a hard cut body. She is very soft and womanly, amazing legs and bum that I have enjoyed playing with, has fantastic natural B-C cup breasts that she loved to be caressed and kissed.


    I opened a bottle of a bubbly that I brought along and we settled on the couch just relaxing, drinking the champagne and passionately kissing and making out. She rested her beautiful legs clad in fishnets for my pleasure as she was slowly unbuttoning my shirt to get a good feel. Needless to say got really hard and after about 20min on the couch we have proceeded to bed for some serious love making.


    I thought she really enjoyed DATY. I even used a little champagne in process that caused those cute giggles that I quite enjoyed. Earlier she SMSed me that she will return my pampering 3-fold and she has kept her promise when she commenced the most incredible oral, with her eyes smiling and looking at me enjoying my state of complete relaxation. We just kept swapping and she would only stop at my request. When I asked what she enjoys the most she said “sex” and we had some fantastic lovemaking with those never ending passionate kisses that definitely made the whole experience very memorable. She was always concerned whether I was comfortable using pillows to support my head or putting a pillow under her gorgeous bum for my pleasure and easy access when I was orally pleasuring her.


    For the second round she asked if she could use a toy on herself as I entered her from behind. That vibrating sensation also caused an additional pleasure for me (wonderful by-product!) to lead to the most intense mutual climax.

    Really enjoyed myself and I guess the only thing I may add that she was extremely generous with her time as it definitely went well over one hour that I have booked her for.


    Can’t wait to repeat the experience, she mentioned that she will be away in Melbourne next week and I am away for the Easter Holidays, so I hope to repeat an experience in late April – many many thanks Stefanie for the wonderful evening.



    MM March




    I've always been a fan of punting privates as so far I've been able to connect easily and well with them. Unfortunately I'm not necessarily one to be able to afford the high price tags that go with it but you only live once... :D Granted that, my punts are generally few and far between so I try to pick and choose as best I can. Almost always I've found that by far (about 4 different punts in) it's a calculated luck of the draw choose someone who will connect with you and make your weaknesses (and i have many!) seem like nothing at all.


    Entranced by Stephanie's profile and picture catalogue, I heard she was down in Melbourne and went for try while she was down here. I've found my main problem is that there is never enough time in the world, and such was this case.


    A bit of enough before going on...


    Description of lady: -

    ethnic origin - Australian

    estimated age or age range mid 20s

    estimated height - probably about 5'10"

    body shape (slim, curvy, etc.) - slim and sexy

    estimated body size (eg size 8) and/or weight (kg) - i would say as listed

    skin colour - nice tone, not tanned or pale

    hair length & colour - long brown

    eye colour - entrancing blue with a touch of green (I swear! I should know :D)

    attractiveness of face - 9/10

    size of boobs (natural or enhanced) natural C

    pussy shaved, trimmed or jungle - shaved and delicious

    level of English communication - fluent

    comments on personality - down to earth and easy to talk to


    Service: standard listed


    Price structure:- $1050 for 1.5 hrs



    Well further on to it!


    A knock on the door and it was game on and I was nervous as hell. No reason to be but simply because it's in my nature to do so. I quickly asked if it was okay to have a shower to clean up first and I needed a cold one bad! This girl was stunning! Tall and beautiful this was it!


    I'd finished with my shower and came out clothed as I much prefer to ease into the experience. I know it's not best way to celebrate such a short time but I guess it helps me adjust and feel more at ease.


    She offered me a drink which I accepted and we chatted for about 10mins or so about the view of the city and other small things until she asked if I would like a massage. I graciously accepted.


    On a side note, I find it's not really much for me to describe how gorgeous she is as pictures do so, so I aim to at least provide how she connects and makes me feel as to provide that 'other' description of a WL.


    On to the massage, she's experienced but did not seem like she was a professional masseuse. Either way it's nice way for her to get her hands on me She undressed to her underwear and I was almost felt bad looking, as if I was a peeping tom. Normal politeness dictates that we shouldn't stare in public but I couldn't help myself at such a sexy site! We kept on chit chatting during the massage which definitely help my mood. Luckily for me, the room had a big mirror where I was able to enjoy watching her on top of me.


    She proceeded to undress me and began off with the most amazing BJ i have ever had. I know I haven't had much, but I think I would have been happy with that! She's got an incredible technique which must be experienced, so I won't spoil the surprise


    I moved on to DATY and tried to pull out all stops with my technique but unfortunately she mentioned that DATY can only go so far with her and needs sex to 'get her over'. I was more than happy to oblige, however I'm sure I could have gone all day down there


    I wanted to enjoy myself straight away so I asked if we could move to a cowgirl position which was absolutely incredible. As not to waste my effort in one go, I moved on to missionary which was fantastic but I selfishly told her that I wanted to cum with her top which I did.


    Unfortunately I only got one shot at it as i'm clearly extremely unfit and out of practise. We ended up talking in bed until time was up so I at least got to view her incredible body as well as her incredible company.


    Overall I am clearly out of luck living in Melbourne as I'm sure I would lock Stephanie as a regular. She is like a drug to me and I'm afraid she'll be the death of me! She was easy and great to connect with, wasn't a time watcher (i'm sure we went over) and made me feel like an old friend.


    I think next time i'll bring whiskey as old as her and enjoy both simultaneously!


    tricky11 VIC April

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